Has anyone heard of the "Mobile Homer" program?

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Has anyone heard about the “Mobile Homer” model of mobile home investing?

I downloaded a free e-book which gives a pretty thorough explanation about the program. It seems to be geared towards partnering mobile home investors with mobile home park owners. The program seems to outline a win-win approach, where park owners offer investors certain incentives to do business with their parks. In exchange, investors benefit from numerous perks while getting a higher return on their investments. This program appears to be geared towards investors who follow the “Lonnie deals” method of investing.

Other than the website and free e-book, I really haven’t heard a whole lot about this program. I’m just curious to know if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with the “Mobile Homer” program. The e-book was written by Frank Rolfe and Dave Reynolds. The e-book I downloaded is at: NicheInvestmentNetwork.com

Let me just make a quick correction. The actual site I downloaded the book from was:  www.mobilehomer.com/  The one I mentioned previously was a different one I copy-pasted from the book cover.

Can't say that I have but if it revolves around Lonnie Deals then it might be really old material. Maybe @Frank Rolfe could comment about it.

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