Late lot rent scenario.

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I am considering my first mhp investment. What happens in the following scenario:

A tennant owned mobile home is late on lot rent. Let’s say the mobile home is 30 plus years old therefore not having much resale value especially when considering the cost to relocate. What can the park owner do? Can the park owner take ownership of the mobile? Even if this process is stated in the lease it seems like it could create a legal nightmare.


The first step is to issue a pay or quit notice. This is the beginning of the process to evict.

Until you have run through the process the discussion of what if anything is to happen with the home is a moot point.

I guess I should have worded it differently. What happens if you evict them and they just leave the trailer behind because financially it wouldn’t make sense to move it anywhere?

@Bobby Larsen Yes, you'd go through the same process for eviction. Depending on your area, the steps could be more specific for mobile home park owners. In cases of abandonment, you may need to file for abandonment (if you own the land). Check with your local manufacturing entity in charge of titling mobile homes for more info. Good luck! 

You Could also try offering some money for them to vacate and sign over title to the home.  If possible you want to keep the home there so you can rent or sell it.

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