MHP owners in Eastern NC

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I'm looking for some advice from a local park owner in the eastern North Carolina area. Specifically, I am concerned about finding a capable property management company that will be willing to manage a smaller park (5-10 unit). The large majority of the parks I'm finding are park owned homes and I don't have the flexibility in my schedule to actively manage the maintenance on these parks. 


@Gregory Schwartz Have you checked the Coastal Carolina REIA?

I haven't heard of an PM's that specialize in that space. You could call around PM's in Jacksonville or Wilmington to see if they'd be willing to take on a park, but I wouldn't get your hopes up since POH in parks tend to draw your C/D class tenants. 

Maybe find a PM that managers SFRs or apartments in C/D neighborhoods now and try to cut a deal. 

That's one major issue with most of the parks in ENC is that they are too small and have too many POHs to make sense unless you buy a few and run them yourself. 

Feel free to PM and we can talk parks in the area.


I too own a small park (8 units).  I found a responsible tenant to "manage" my park.  He does not manage much, and appropriately doesn't cost me much.  I let him have his lot rent free, but he pays for my POH that he lives in.

He collects when necessary, although that is not usual.  He answers questions and coordinates move in/outs, and he mows the common areas when there is a vacancy.  This costs me $160/month in lost revenue  (lot rent as mentioned).

It is working great for both of us.

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