Opinons on Prefab Homes

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I'm researching prefab homes because we're brainstorming having some nice, custom modular homes. Some are being built and marketed as retro or modern. My investor was going to have an "IKEA" decor, especially in kitchens and baths.

Anyone doing this already or have an opinion? It seems like there is a market for this, but gauging interest.

I actually met a guy the other day who has a patent on a prefab home with a slab. I haven't seen it but my partner has.

Send me a PM if you want and I'll send you they guy's name and contact info.

My family has been looking into prefab homes to put on my grammas land. She owns property in a very high end place in NJ. Right next door is a beautiful prefab. We have been looking into different designs. PM me if your interrested in seeing some.