Developing spaces in Mobile Home Park

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Hello BP Community. 

I am considering purchasing a small mobile home park. The utilities are private (Well and Septic). The numbers look great (12 cap) with value add potential in that there is additional acreage to develp more spots. 

Has anyone every developed additional spaces in a mobile home park? I will have to install a new septic system, and well for these spaces as well. The the septic will be conventional and a new well only goes 40 feet to good water. (These costs would be around ($15,000). 

What would the cost per site be to develop?

I thank you in advance for contributing. 


Hi Jon,

  please do a TON of due diligence when purchasing a MHP.  We've found everything from city and county officials who have done some very creative things to work against Park owners.  There can be several layers of regulations you have to contend with; especially with Well and Septic.  One of the sites I love to help is as it has a great library of ordinances for various jurisdictions.

$15-$20k per space is not unusual costs from raw land to finished spaces. Is the ROI there for that kind of development? Some states also have strict limits on Wells and then you have to have a certain psi per connection. Septic is another area that will greatly limit what you can do. Not sure what state the park is in but for example, in Texas, you are allowed up to 7 homes per acre but then many counties limit you to 1 septic system per acre. That effectively makes it completely unrealistic to develop new MHPs.

Good luck with your project!

@Jon S Strick the guidance given by @Belinda Lopez is spot on.  Each jurisdiction is different, so it will be hard for anyone to tell you what will be required to expand the park.  Start with the zoning department to make sure they will allow you to expand.  If you get green lights from zoning, then you can approach the development department to see what their requirements will be.  Remember to be kind to them and ask for guidance - you'll find they are very helpful if they like you:)

Also, make sure the existing park is a good investment and can stand on it's own WITHOUT the expansion.   That way, if you can't expand, you have not wasted your time and effort.  

All the best,


Thank you @Belinda Lopez and @Jack Martin . The park is in Wisconsin and lot rents are $260/mo. I appreciate the tips and will contact the zoning department to see what type of red tape has been installed. This is an extremely rural area, more like a “up north” area that would be geared towards vacation. So maybe RV/Tent camping is a better option? 

@Jon S Strick   Tent and Rv camping dont really mix with a residential mobile home park . There are kids running around , camp fires , Adults partaking in a debates oround the campfire with adult beverages . Then you need a pool , staff to take reservations and run the store and do maintenance . Playground equipment .  

I go camping for fun , people living in the mobile homes wouldnt like every weekend with partes 

@Jon S Strick You may also need to checking zoning regarding what you can and cannot do. Sometimes there's a limit on the age of mobile homes you place on that specific piece of land depending on the area. Also, you may need to talk to zoning regarding any setbacks you need to follow. Good luck! 

@Jon S Strick We are going through this process in San Antonio and Dayton, TX now.  As the others here mentioned before, it's critical to check with the local planning commission and city/county governing bodies.  There are several areas that must be vetted (utilities, land use, density, misc. infrastructure, fire service) before you can assume that an expansion is feasible.  Please feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss our experience to date.