Best loan providers for MHPs

3 Replies

@Dominick Dahmen the best banks to approach will be local or regional banks. You can find out which banks have an appetite for parks by asking the MH/RV brokers in your area. Otherwise, there is a bit of legwork involved, but it's not too hard. Get a list of the smaller banks in your area and just call them to see if they lend on MH/RV parks.  You should be able to tell pretty quickly if they like MHP or not, based on their response.  The terms you will be able to get from a bank who likes them and one who is not familiar with them will be drastically different, so make sure to do the legwork to find the ones who do. 

Also, if you are doing larger deals, you can get pretty good terms with Agency debt or CMBS loans on parks today. That could be the best debt for MHPs in the market today, but they wont' do loans on small parks.

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