Finding an Operating Partner

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I recently sold my business and have a fairly sizable amount of capital to invest. I have gravitated toward real estate and mobile home parks in particular. My biggest issue is the operational side of the business. What advice would the group give to someone like me who has the capital to fund the deals he comes across but lacks the operational knowledge? I'm not terribly interested in just being an LP in a deal. I would like to find a partner that wants to handle the operational day to day aspects of the business and let me bring the funds and financial background. Any guidance on how to go about finding a partner like this would be greatly appreciated.

@Jim Tassoni We have a few parks in our pipeline and are looking for active JV partners with capital to invest.

Aside from interacting on this board and reaching out to prospective operating partners here, I recommend doing the same in the MHU boards and reaching out to smaller MHP operators.  There are also a few Facebook groups (“Mobile Home Park Mastermind” and “Mobile Home Park Owner’s Forum”) that are good places to find what you seek. 

I welcome a chance to discuss your thoughts on working together and can also introduce you to at least one other operator who seeks partners similar to what you describe.