Finding mobile home deals....

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What are the best ways to find mobile deals? Has anyone seen a particular avenue that gets the most success in finding mobile home deals? Is just visiting mobile home parks the best way to go?

@Paul Harris Networking and building relationships with mobile home parks and mobile home park owners I want to do business with is the best use of my time when it comes to mobile home investing. I have gone other routes like advertising in the local paper and around local businesses. Though, it always comes back to networking. Talking to mobile home dealerships and building relationships with them are another source of mobile home seller leads. Hope that helps! 

Hey @Paul Harris , connecting with brokers is huge. Brokers are the pro wholesalers in most commercial industries. Building relationships on commercial deals are much harder and more tenuous than in SFH or small Multis. I'd recommend getting a good broker network, be ready to take a mediocre first deal until they know you're serious, and then grow from there.

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands (think wholesaler amount of time) then working with brokers is probably your best plan of attack. Good luck!