I have a squatter what do I do?

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I have a squatter at our mobile home rental. The tenant left prior to the lease ending. She notified us she was leaving before the lease was up but would be paying the full amount of rent due prior to leaving because she felt bad for leaving early two months. So we go to the house to get back possession and there is a woman in the house we ask her her name who she is. She says shes the mother of the tenant who left and wont be leaving because she has squatter rights. What do I do? What are squatter rights? Shes not on the lease.

Talk to your state mobile home park association, as well as the local justice court. More than likely you will have to do an "and all occupants" eviction, in which you file on the last known customers "and all occupants". This is the normal procedure to get something like this resolved. It will take the same amount of time as a regular eviction. You will be filing "for possession only", which means you are not seeking a money judgement (makes it easier to process).

But don't take my word for it -- as your state MHA and the court what they suggest!

Sorry, just saw Terry's post. That's also a perfectly good thing to do. The only problem is -- based on the police and their interpretation -- is that they will say it's a civil matter and refuse to get into it. The big problem is that it is the mother of the tenants and, some might define, a plausible extension of the original tenant's household. But if you can get the police to throw them out (not literally but figuratively) that will definitely faster and cheaper.

Thank you for the tips.  I went ahead and called the police. They said they wont come out because it sounds like a civil matter and I need to start the eviction process unfortunately.