Community Garden Rentals

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I would like to know how much I could rent a 10,000 sq ft land in the Bay Area for community garden?

The zoning is not residential and I need to find other ways to monetize it. It is classified as "open land". Any other ideas?

Hi Marc. I know nothing about Bay area community gardens, but in this part of the country they are rented by the individual plot (like 8x8 or 12x20). I assume you're looking to lease it out to someone who would run a community garden, not rent beds yourself, right? Never really thought of that idea as a moneymaker - pretty clever. In my world, plots at a community garden are $20/year, and there are plenty to be had.

Google San Francisco community gardens, and start making some calls. Looks like the city itself has a Community Gardening initiative - maybe they will lease it.

Another angle on your idea - rent it to an urban farmer. You don't want 25 hobbyists coming there if you can have 1 guy who wants to grow organic veggies to sell at the local farmer's market for $15/lb. That's your target market. Or better yet - cut flowers. God, a $20 bag of sunflower seeds could get someone $20k in cutflowers at the market. And sunflowers are weeds. I dare you to throw seeds on the ground and have them not grow.

You'll need a water source for either of those options.

What kind of money were you hoping to get annually?

Could you build garages and rent them out? Are you allowed to build anything there?

Thanks for the update. The water source is $25K just to connect...I don't think I can build anything on it as it is zoned "open land".

I don't quite get it was community gardens are so cheap...~$20 to $30/year!

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