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I am looking at making an offer on a couple Homepath properties but have never done that in the past. I am curious if anyone has been able to get an offer accepted below their asking price, or does Freddie Mac stay pretty firm on their asking price.

Also, do I have to work with a real estate agent to make an offer, or can I make on offer on my own?

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I know you have to go through a real estate agent to make an offer. I've heard of some people bargaining down, but it's not as easy as working with a regular seller. They may come down, but not as far.

@Dawn Anastasi I know she has bargained them down some!

My last Homepath home I offered 20% below and since it was ready to go to auction they took it. All cash deal no inspection.

I just bought one in November and I got it for $25% off the asking price.  You do have to use a realtor to put the offer in, however Fannie Mae paid all the commission fees.  I also used their title insurance company and was very reasonable.  

@Brad Klock  

@Brad Klock, I am going to check out a property today and wanted to ask - did you pay cash for the property or finance? If finance, was the down payment lower?  Thanks in advance. 

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@Susana Walls It makes no difference on the down payment, they offer no financing.

You are right, I did a deep dive on their site and found nothing except that their past financing program was now defunct. I don't understand why they even identify it as Homepath since it means nothing. Thanks. 

@Susanna Walls -- HomePath is the branding name for Fannie Mae-owned REO. A property identified as a HomePath property simply means it's owned and being sold by Fannie Mae. Unfortunately, HomePath financing -- which was only available on Fannie Mae-owned properties -- was discontinued about 2 years ago.

I purchased it with all cash so I am not really sure about financing it. Sorry!  Good luck!

There was a post on here about 6 months or so ago.  A couple of Texas guys were saying that Fannie has a formula on what they will accept.  You should try and find that thread.  I forget what the formula was but it went something like after such and such amount of time they will take X% less then the asking price.  Good stuff and at least it sounded like these guys were killing it. 

You must use a Realtor to make the offer. You can offer less than asking price but I. my experience and in a hot market Fannie doesn't negotiate, they usually ask for highest and best offer by a certain date and time because there are almost always multiple offers - many of them below asking price. Finally, if you're offering all cash you must show proof of funds and they often require it to be a bank statement not a letter.

@Brent Kiger Definitely have gotten below asking. They are just like bank owned but a little
more strict, not as bad as HUd

Saw this thread while researching homepath


Just received a counter back on my first homepath offer I've done. I offered 25% off asking price. They countered back at asking price. We're countering back $1,000 more lol. The property needs extensive work and has some minor mold (discoloration waiver required to enter). They didn't receive any offers during the first 20 days from potential owner occupants according to the listing agent.

The property has only been on the market for 22 days now. They just started accepting investor offers yesterday.

If they don't accept our counter, I'll wait a few more weeks then resubmit the same offer again. I'll let you know how it works out.

Thank you for all the input. I made an offer 14k below asking and it was not accepted. Which I expected. However I noticed 5 days later the listed price was reduced by 5k Makes me think the other offers they may have received were also low.

Can you make an offer on a Homepath property if the status shows "Coming Soon"?

@Sherrie Pickens No, but a well connected realtor might be able to get you access before it is active. 

ok, great.  I'll give it a try.

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