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Hello BP 

Most people who know me, know that i love love love investing in Nothern Indiana, i had the opportunity to go back to Indiana for a week due to unfortunate circumstances (a death) I visited Chicago, and i absolutely feel in love with it. I think i drove around for more than 4 hours just looking at different types of real estate, from the hood to the nicer areas. I currently have rentals in Indiana but i think its time i move a little more north towards Chicago. Coming from Los angeles i love the brick homes and structures...

What are the better area codes in Chicago, low crime areas, stable schools, mixed population..etc...I spent most the day driving through the Morgan Park area. down Vincennes. I like this area alot...

Any good advice Chicago Investors?

Zips won't do it. Colleague me give me blocks and ill give you the 411. I see you were looking SW. Hopefully you can do the same for me because I'm trying to purchase in Indiana on my mext buy and hold.

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