Paid $450 for VA Inspector/Appraiser and I was not present.

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Buying a house using a VA loan. I made it clear to my agent, listing agent, and my banker I wanted to be present.

my understanding is that the Inspector/appraiser are the same person for VA loans.

Inspector/appraiser did their inspection without me being present.  Unhappy that I spent $450 and was not there.

I was planning to use the VA inspector/appraiser as my inspection and not have another inspector in. I have had a plumber/window people/insulation people go through the property for future work.

Anyone have experience? 

The appraiser is different than the inspector. VA appraiser is just a regular appraiser who is trained to complete an appraisal that conforms to what the VA wants.

Inspector is separate. I don't know if one is required for you, but I suggest getting one.

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