Probates: Processes and wholesaling

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Happy New Year! 

I currently have a list of probates that have been recently filed in Los Angeles county.

What are the ways to tie up properties under contract and go straight into escrow once Letters of Testamentary have been issued?

Can this only happen if Full Authority is granted to the Deceased individual's Personal Representative?

Thanks! Godspeed

Probates often don't make good targets for wholesaling. 

Why? The attorney is going to strongly advise has/her client to list property, probably with an experienced trust and estate specialist that will assure maximum market exposure.

If you already had the consents from all heirs in advance, and the PR had full authority, then you might have a chance. Even better with a sole beneficiary who is pro se executor with full power and in foreclosure or other financial pressure.

You are looking for needles in haystacks, of course, however they do exist (and I market with my magic needle magnet). Good luck.

@Rick H.  That is great information. Thanks for the Motivation.

I'm going to align myself with more experienced individuals to carry out my endeavors. Looking forward to the success achieved!

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