Which areas do you target in Columbus, OH??

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Hey Columbus Ohio, Investors I was wondering if any of you would be willing to share areas you focus on for investments or areas you stay away from.

I have been looking around in some lower income areas and even though the numbers seem to work I am not sure it's a good investment given some houses are boarded up on same street as rentals. For instance Linden areas and out near Casino etc. All seem sketchy and not sure I could get a good PM for them.

Wondering what areas you target and which you avoid?

Appreciate any advice,

Rob Fordham

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OTE is Olde Towne East (see map). The casino is west of town, not east, and is in Hilltop (another map). Hilltop has areas that I've been told are OK, but it goes street by street. Unless you want to invest a lot of time knowing which blocks are safe, you probably want to avoid the area altogether. Plenty of people invest there, of course, but I don't. North Linden is generally not bad.