Hey @Account Closed allow me to give you a few points:

First off good for you to start thinking ahead at such a young age...most teens are thinking of the newest video game or who's party they're gonna crash Saturday night.  Time is on your side my friend, so do as much research as possible and don't be afraid to pick up the phone a talk to some people for advice! There are many people either on BP or in other communities willing to help a younger person...

You may have read that planning and setting goals are critical so don't delay!

You want to move to the US...there are ways....research, ask around and take action.

Im originally from Canada and moved to California last year...so its not impossible!

Having $$$ will open many doors - so start SAVING now!

You want to be a Millionaire eh...great! But don't think its gonna be easy...its gonna take TONS of hard work and ALOT of time...but if you stay focused on your goals and keep improving your team, yourself and your output you can do it.

Making connections is not that hard...some advice, long winded posts like the one you posted take a bit long to read and think about how to answer....I would recommend just post 1 question at a time then wait for the response.  Second, research...im sure most of your questions have already been asked so search the BP site or simply google what your looking for...Third, reach out to individuals....sent them a private message, or email them but make is simply and clear what your are looking for.

Don't worry now about setting up an investment company....you most likely cannot own any RE in the US until you've moved and have some landed status so until then just read and learn whats out there....and finally you wont really know what you like and enjoy until you start getting your hands dirty....experience will uncover your treasure!

All the best my friend!