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Well what market are you looking to buy in or are you open to buying wherever?  Most investors who are looking to buy will have an idea of the city(s) they are interested in. There are good and not so good companies all over.  I will beat others to the punch so you should check out to check up on many TK providers all over. Make sure though you are looking at the reviews for actual TK companies as there are several marketing companies out there and they are not the same as a TK provider.

Good luck

@Marina Weinstein

Welcome to BP.. There are about a thousand threads on here talking about good, bad, and ugly turnkey companies I would suggest you start doing your own due diligence on the turnkey companies reading through all the forum post going to visit the ones you are interested and making your decision from that. Good Luck on your search!!

I'm guessing you're looking nationally, so I'd ask/look around here and by googling your target cities for turnkey providers. It's probably best to figure out your markets first. Once you've done that and found some companies, their check reputation online as best you can by googling for reviews everywhere.

After that I'd contact the companies, ask them about how they work, if they guarantee the properties, if they management, what their fees are, and so on. Then I'd ask them for referrals to other turnkey providers, too -- gives them a chance to prove themselves, and you're already calling multiple people anyway. Ask them if you could contact people they've sold properties to for additional information.

Generally just be wary of anyone that has a questionable reputation. If you're interested in the St. Louis area, feel free to contact me if you want help with anything.

Does anyone have any experience with turnkey operators in Indianapolis and Memphis? I have seen a lot of replies on these two areas, but not many recommendations. Thanks, JD

@JD Peters  I'm in the same boat as you.

My research shows the following:

Indy? FS Houses.  

Memphis? Memphis Invest and Buy Memphis Now.

You have to make a trip and vet each company.  Make sure the rehab jobs they're doing aren't just lipstick and that issues are being properly addressed.  

@JD Peters

@Marina Weinstein

I purchased a house with Memphis Invest - the process was very easy and smooth.  Their communication level is very high - always responding to an email, phone call or text very quickly.   I traveled to Memphis to check them out and do the home inspection prior to closing.  I was content with everything I saw as far as the rehab and neighborhoods.  The price points in Memphis are very investor friendly, the neighborhoods are nice, the cash flow is pretty good.  

I am now working with ABC Capital, via Maverick, looking for a duplex in Philly.  The returns are a little higher here but the risk is higher as well (higher crime, older houses, etc)

Early next year I plan on purchasing another rental with either Memphis Invest or ABC Capital depending on how this year goes.

Good luck in your search and due diligence



Once you zone in on the Market you are interested in, now the due diligence begins. The company track record, service experience, & portfolio performance are the paramount pieces to your long term success. The answers in these categories alone will identify which team/market is a fit for you personally. It's as simple as that. I'm a Senior Portfolio Advisor with Memphis Invest/Dallas Invest/Houston Invest so I can attest to our service/product. Of course a bit bias, and proud of our team. I'll note, my self-directed retirement background has afforded me the experience of working with multiple turn-key companies in the past in different capacities. Message me & I'll gladly fill you in. Hope this was helpful.

To Your Success,

Amanda Holbrook 

Hi Marina:

You might want to read the ebook from Memphis Invest and the one from Both will give you valuable information to consider when buying turnkey. 

Hey Marina, are you wondering about companies in any particular location or just in general? I've bought turnkeys myself and work with a lot of turnkeys, but they are in various areas.