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Thanks for your input Colin. I do need to find some other wholesalers in Kansas to get some insight on this subject. Being very new to real estate investing I am trying to get my foot in the door but dont have a lot of money ( none really) or expierence to get started with. Thats one of the reasons I signed up w/ Biggerpockets. I try and read a lot of different blogs and posts.

@Nikki Smith

  I have been funding deals in KC for the sole reason is the title companies won't do double closes. now that may be MO and not KS .... I am funding one today.. and the property is in MO but the title co is in KS... ...check with a few title companies and see if they will double close... if not you need to get your wholesaler fee then just assign the contract.

Also check with the state and see how they stand about selling properties you don't own. its pretty hard to just advertise contracts.. people want to know what type of house it is bd ba that sort of thing and in other states that's were folks get fubared. .when they stick   so and so house on craigslist like they own it.

the only place to get definitive answer to your question is to talk to the department of RE in your state. 

@Nikki Smith

  also just read your other post... you may want to rethink how you get into RE... you may want to pursue a RE license go to work with a good company get on a top producers team they will feed you leads and you will earn while you learn.. starting out as a wholesaler with no money and no experience is a pretty tough thing to do..  not saying it can't be done but you will have to have a lot of luck along the way to pull this off.