pre-foreclosures in WA

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I've come across several pre-forclosures that are not on the market BUT I recently heard that I'm not even supposed to talk about purchasing the property with the owners without a realtor? The owners motivated and i want to be able to help them out of their situation, but i dont want to break any laws regarding pre-forclosures. Anybody in Washington state know about this?

Probably useless because I'm in Utah but I suggest asking an objective legal adviser. Here that doesn't matter at all. The Realtor is for the seller to market their property using the biggest fishing net available. The seller is not obligated to use an agent. Its their choice.  

@Alicia Hensley

  not the case what you have is laws that WA and OR passed about 5 years ago that relate to buying a property in Foreclosure.. they are anti equity skimming laws. and there are HARSH penalties .. you would be best served to understand the laws prior to engaging in this activity. .DO NOT take anyone on a website forum like BP's advice as gospel... they are not the ones who will have to answer to the authorities you will.  I was one of the larger pre forclosure buyers in Southern WA  IE Clark County prior to this law passing.. I stopped and have not bought one since .. the laws are very clear and punitive if you violate them