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I would like to know has anyone on BP been successful working a full-time job and wholesaling real estate at the same time? I am interested in your story and how you did it. Please feel free to leave your post below. Thanks.


Ah, good question Edwin.  I have the same dilema.

I took 2 weeks vacation from my 'regular' job to help an investor/partner who is looking for property he can purchase at below market price and flip.  He is putting up the $$ once I find the property and we will split the profit.  

So far I've spent most of it chasing trustee sales that never happen, bidding at online auctions that I never win, putting in offers from the MLS that get rejected. I secured the service of a 'trustee sale bidder' whose fee is reasonable, but most everything in this area is going at close to market price. And the good stuff goes really fast!

There must be a more efficient way ... sigh.