An Austin 1031 Exchange Broker?

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@Bryan Rodriguez

 If you're looking for a real estate broker in that area who understands the 1031 exchange requirements and can work with them in that local market then you'll need to interview them personally.  

As far as a broker who has properties and alternative real estate investments @Leslie Pappas is one such and they typically are not regionalized.

If you are looking for a qualified intermediary to perform a 1031 exchange for you than any national QI with a good track record can help you out.  It's not critical that they have an office in the area where you are selling or buying.  We happen to have offices in Denver, St. Pete and Dallas.

@Bryan Rodriguez

Before choosing a Qualified Intermediary for your 1031 Exchange, I urge you to do some due diligence.  Most QIs can provide services anywhere in the US, so location is not necessarily an important factor, their reputation is.  Please understand that Qualified Intermediaries, in general, are not licensed, regulated or required to be insured or bonded and have no minimum equity capitalization requirements.

We recommend that you consider the following risk criteria prior to selecting a Qualified Intermediary:

(1) The technical expertise and experience of the Qualified Intermediary

(2) The level of protection provided by the Qualified Intermediary's errors and omissions insurance coverage, which protects you against possible mistakes made by the Qualiied Intermediary

(3) The level of protection provided by the Qualified Intermediary's Fidelity bond coverage, which protects you from potential theft or embezzlement of your 1031 Exchange funds by the Qualiied Intermediary

(4) The practice of using Qualified Trust Accounts or Qualified Escrow Accounts to ensure that your 1031 Exchange funds are protected by law as fiduciary funds

(5) The protections provided through licensing, auditing, and regulatory oversight by regulatory authorities 

I hope this helps, and if you have any questions please feel free to give me a call or pm.