I bought a property to rent to my daugher and roomates 150 miles away so I didn't go to the inspection or final walkthrough.  Among other things that got fixed, the inspector found drooping insulation and some mold on the joists in the crawlspace.  I worked with the agent before and she was there for the inspection and walkthrough a week prior to settlement.  She brought the inspector back for the final.  They okayed the repairs and when I got there after settlement I found them okay except that they only did some touch up of the insulation.  Only then did my agent tell me that it wasn't done and that the seller said they were going to fix it. She told me that "in order to make it right" she would have her handyman make the repairs.  I said that was nice of her to do and said okay.  He stripped the insulation, sanded the joists, painted them, put new insulation up and new ground plastic.  She sent me the $3500 bill showing that she paid and sent an envelope for me to pay what I felt was my part.  I don't plan to buy more property in that area.  It is my the ocean in a vacation area so I could turn it into a weekly rental if my daughter ever leaves. 

I don't feel that I owe anything since she offered to make it right.  Also, I don't agree with painting since it covers any mold that he may have missed.  I had mentioned a bleach solution spray and replacing the insulation that got damp.  The seller did fix the causes of the water getting in (loose door, vents etc).  I assumed it would be a couple of hundred to fix.  For $3500 I could have almost gotten it encapsulated.  The area is about 600 sq ft.  

How should I respond to her?  Thanks in advance.