Flint, Michigan Investor Knowledge

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I'm looking at a property in Flint around the Court street and Ballenger Road intersection. If anyone has any knowledge with that intersection and the area surrounding it please let me know. I have all the other details I need I am just looking for some information on that area. I have another property about a mile from there but as we all know every street can be different. Any and all knowledge is welcome! Thank you!

Also, here are some facts on the property for those that are interested.

Duplex - rented to a couple main level and single person upstairs

Couple has security deposit down but none for person upstairs

I want bills/utilities in tenants name (aren't in their name currently) but not sure what the protocol is after your acquire property for going about that...

Landlord is sick of rental game and wants out. Did not vet tenants but they have been paying for a number of months and get along.

Obviously, I would do more due diligence on the property but it brings up a point I am sure many are interested in...how do you go about assigning new responsitbities, rules, protocols to tenants who are already in said building with their own established contract and routines, etc.?