Vegas Townhouses

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Any investor in Las Vegas able to help me out when it comes to townhouses? I guess what I'm not comfortable with is determining comps and setting an accurate ARV.

Also is there anything unique to investing in a townhouse vs single-family residential?

I would prefer to fix & flip the property and think I've found a couple potential money makers but there are so experienced people on here who I figured I should ask first :)

Hi @Matt Mortensen

I think the biggest differences between SFR and Townhomes is the impact the community has on the ARV. Clean, quit communities are going to sell much easier than ones in disrepair. Also, CIC fees tend to be much higher, so you need to be careful not to overvalue the property. Your repairs are also going to be subject to approval from the CIC Board, which can delay things more so than in SFR's.

If you want to PM me the specific properties you're looking at and what type of finishes you intend to put in during your flip, I can run comps on them and tell you what I feel the ARV would be.