Solar Panels

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HI everyone,

I'm new to BP but I was wondering if anyone knows how to rent out roof tops for solar panels? I have access to decent amount of roof tops in Staten Isalnd NY and wanted to see if theirs a way i can capitalize even further on my real estate.

thank you 

Hi Jeffrey,

What do you mean by capitalize and how do you have access to these roofs? Are they properties in your portfolio?

The way companies like Solar City profit is by tapping into a fund to install it. They contract with the client, usually a residential client, that they will pay based on power production. Ideally you work it out that the client needs a certain amount of wattage, based on their last year of usage ideally. What you bill should ideally be enough to profit on the actual cost of installation. 

Following this logic you could profit by creating a similar contract and personally taking the form of the bank (fund supplier) and contractor (installer). This is a relatively new type of investment product but I expect it has gained more steam in recent years.