The Dominican Republic

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Hello everyone,

I just recently moved to Miami from the Dominican Republic. And I have an unlimited list of properties and investment project plans in all areas of the island.

What I don't have/know is a way of selling them here. What are your recommendations and opinions on how I should go about this? And would I need a real estate license here in Florida if I split commissions with realtors here that already have buyers?

Are the properties cleared of backed taxes that they can actually be marketed for sale? I have a similar situation with a associate of mine. Several properties in a land trust, just the cost to clear them in the land court can cost a small fortune and before anything is sold You could always market them yourself if they are in your possession. Or why not list them with a realtor in DR? A major concern i have experienced in Dominican Republic is fraud with lawyers, police, you name it. The reason i bring this up, maybe the best bet for selling property that is cleared for sale, might be just listing them with a reputable realtor seeing as the overall reputation is streaky at best. 

Just my 2 cents