Cincinnati oh -investor Questions

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I am looking at areas in Cincinnati, oh-specifically the over the rhine region. Does anyone have experience with this area or any others in cincy that are worth a look?

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Depends what area of OTR you're looking in.  Some parts are awesome now and the place to be for restaurants and nightlife.  There are still very rough areas as well.  East Walnut Hills is up and coming area now like OTR was a few years ago.  What kind of area are you trying to invest in?  An area that's already established or one that is on the rise? 

I agree with Craig James. I go down to OTR for the night life pretty frequently. Vine and Main are full of night life but if you go two streets over, you feel like you are about to get mugged. Because of all the hype around cincy, the housing prices have skyrocketed in that area. 

If I were you I would go to east walnut hills or northside. They are up and coming urban areas that have decent rents.

@Rachel Goldberg I agree with Craig and Jacob. OTR has some great streets but some are still pretty dangerous at night. Prices have been going up a lot in the area since there is a lot of bigger development companies building condos in the area, although seeing that you are from New York City, rising prices in Cincinnati might still be reasonable compared to NYC :)