Is this a good condo floor plan?

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Hi there,

I'm looking at purchasing a preconstruction condo, the details are as follows:
- 875 sqft
-SE corner unit

I can still make modifications to the structure, as long as it is not with the load bearing wall. 

The second bedroom might be a little small, was considering converting it into a den or removing the closet. In addition, maybe change one of the bathtubs to a standing shower.


You can save money by consolidating plumbing walls.  Consider back to back toiets and installing the WD closer to the plumbing stacks.  Provide an area floor drain near the WD and water proof membranes in all wet spaces.

The toilets waste should be a 4" diameter, so you can save a few bucks here and there. Also, you will minimize domestic water runs.  

It's not recommended to install plumbing chases on exterior walls in cold climates. You will expose your water to freezing and bursting. 

Bedrooms could be separated by a toilet room/washer dryer. Second toilet could be consolidated with kitchen.

It's a small space, so you won't see much savings rearranging. 



Usually there is a shower in the master bath, and a tub/shower in the hall. Also, it is nice to put the shower and the tub/shower valve on the opposite side of the toilet. It just gives you more room getting in and out the the showers.