Bank Taking FOREVER to Close Cash Deal

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Is anyone here dealing with banks seemingly dragging their heels to close an all-cash deal? I put the asking price offer in the last week of September. I asked for a 15-day close. The real estate agent laughed and said there was no way it was going to close in less than 30. Then a week out from the 30-day close they requested another two weeks. Now, that's passed. I don't know when it's going to close. Realtor just keeps telling me he'll "call" when the paper is "ready".

This is ridiculous. Winter is coming and I'm concerned about getting into the house and getting it heated (system needs a new part).  We're already having low 20's up here. Most galling is: If *I* had asked for any kind of extension - I would be getting dinged for $100 a day for every day over! There is apparently no downside (and no incentive) for the bank to get it off their books! You'd think they'd be glad to move it! Anyone else had this experience??? TIA!

Ain't REO's grand? They frequently have title issues, whether it is slow county recorders, or improper procedures/foreclose steps on their part.