Henry County/Stockbridge GA Areas?

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I was wondering those in the Henry County area what the best parts are to invest in and those areas I should stay away from? I have an idea but would like insight from those that have been in the area for a while. Eagle's Landing is where I live now and seems to be the nicer area. As you go north of 138 it seems like I would have to be more careful. I really would like to find a duplex in a good area but the only ones on the market are in sketchy areas. Thanks in advance for any advice!

I grew up in the area and I'm still here (not 138, but Henry County). I know most of the multi families that are on the market. In my opinion they are overpriced. Are you only open to Henry County for a multi family? 

High demand is in the Union Grove School District. It's the top school district in Henry County. Lots of new construction.  Ola, Locust Grove, and McDonough are places most families desire to be. North Henry County, the school system isn't good. Henry County market trends for owner occupant are dictated by the school districts. 

The corporate giants purchased and are still purchasing very heavily in Henry County. They are purchasing buy and holds. There are still alot of short sales!!! It's somewhat of a sellers market so SFH are overpriced.

North 138 is sketchy but honestly you'd be okay investing in the area. It's not terrible. I think it's a good rental market. PM me, I don't mind giving you insight on the area and recommending some RE Professional who can better assist you.

If I were looking to acquire multifamily in Henry County I would consider downtown McDonough, I would consider Stockbridge (it really just depends on the exact location but again Henry County is not the hood).  There may be brake ins here and there but I'm not afraid to go anywhere in Henry County alone during the day.) It's not Atlanta. 

I would even purchase  buy and holds in Clayton County (especially downtown Jonesboro). People give Clayton County a bad rep. The school districts aren't good. There are some rough spots (especially North Clayton County. no, no) but Jonesboro and Hampton your properties would stay rented. My parents own 3 rental properties in Clayton County and have never had a problem keeping them rented. And there is more inventory and reasonable prices for investors.

Thank you @Tiffany C. I am leaning more toward the McDonough area but also like the Eagle's Landing Stockbridge area, between 138 and McDonough. I am going to look into the Clayton county area a bit, I have looked and noticed the cheaper housing but was deterred from the area because of the crime. I will look more into the Union Grove school district. I'm not finding much for multi-family here so I will more than likely end up buying a SFR. I appreciate the insight from someone local!!!

@Chris Virgil-Stone @Tiffany C. Hi, I am new to BP and sort of browsing around. I'm considering investing in Clayton/Henry/etc areas as well. Was curious what you've heard about the Fairview Medical Center and Fairview Corners commercial investments and how that will change the landscape? It's in Henry County and sort of between Rex and Ellenwood. Could be an interesting place for new investment?



Hi I'm a contractor in Henry and surrounding area and would love to network with anyone on the Feed. Feel free to shoot me a message if interested. Thank you for your time and reading this post look forward to talking with each one of you

@Aaron K. I apologize for the late reply. I had not heard of those developments so thank you for the insight. Now that I have some actual experience under my belt, I'd invest anywhere on the southside if the numbers make sense. I just bought a single family in Hampton/Lovejoy. I had over 50 renters call me within the first week. My realtor informed me there is a shortage in rentals on the southside. Many people are suffering from credit issues from the market crash and can't qualify to buy. So to answer your question, I think it just depends on your personal strategy. If you are looking to build new construction in an area that is going to have major commercial developments, great plan. I guess you have to time it properly. If your strategy is I think Rex and Ellenwood would be good options. If you decide to move forward on something down here please keep me posted.

@Tiffany C. Glad it's working out - I also heard the rental market is red hot in that area. For me, that's not the short-term strategy, but is part of the long-term one. Looking to flip right now and been doing a lot of poking around in the Ellenwood, Rex, and Morrow areas. 

@Daryl Askew I will Private Message you

@Aaron K. Good luck on flipping. I really want to flip!!! That was my initial plan when I started but I'm having a really hard time understanding the flipping market on the southside. I had found a partner on here who wanted to flip in Gwinnett but since I live in Henry county we compromised and placed our focus on Decatur. We didn't move forward but I did have to do some market research in preparation. Decatur (most zip codes in Decatur not just the expensive ones) seems like a solid area to flip. Ellenwood even has some communities that I would flip in. Rex seems like you would have to get a deeply discounted property with an ARV in the 80ks - low 100K+ (with a possible exit strategy of selling to a turn key investor buyer).