Probate Question

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Hi everyone. I am looking to buy my first property that happens to be a probate deal. Currently all parties are ready to move forward , however there are problems with the Title. Supposedly the executor of the estate illegally( because she only inherited 50% interest in the property) deeded the property to two unknown gentlemen( around 6-7+ years ago).  The lawyer and myself are in the process of locating the gentlemen so that we could move forward with clearing title, but have been unsuccessful with locating the men. Any advice as to how to go about clearing Title without having to find these gentlemen? Or any advice period ? Thanks in advance. This is in Los Angeles County. 

Who is the attorney for the executor? I'm sure I'll know him/her if they are active, experienced probate attorney. May be able to help.

I deal with a LOT of probates with title issues, including people who have fraudulently tried to pass title and the people who later need to fix it. 

 I do buy in LA county but nothing west of 710 fwy so we are not likely competing.

Attorney will typically file a PC 850 petition to quiet title. May need to get order to publish notice as LACSC is extremely persnickety about assuring proper notice given. Be patient because this will likely taken longer than you think, especially if attorney not so experienced.