Where to invest in the Tri-State Area

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Hello! So my name is Andrew and I have been reading books and listening to bigger pockets and hearing its podcasts and webinars, and throughout all of this I have discovered something: Where I live (Long Island, New York) is not a good market for my partner and me. I even analyzed a property around me (a duplex 10 minutes from my house in Westbury) using the Bigger Pockets rental property calculator and it showed me the same thing. So my question is, where is a good market to start around the Tri- State Area with 40k and a full time job?

getting information is great. I am a life long learner. That being said, there are deals in every community. You just need to know where to look. If your making $40K a year then trying asking for the owner to be a bank with no money down. I know this can happen as I have done it. I can give you a few places to look. Reach out to me and we can talk.