Lawton, OK (OKLAHOMA) real estate investors

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I am coming to Lawton, OK for a few days and to look at some investment properties in the area and get a lay of the land. Is anyone available from that area that is knowledgeable and active in the real estate investing market that would be interested in meeting up to discuss? This may turn into a partnership down the road.
Shoot me a PM.

Hello Scott. Did you make it out to Lawton and what did you find. I know this is two years old but wanted to see if you have any Real Estate info about the area and how your properties and the market are going in Lawton.

John Scarbrough

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My units are outside of Lawton, but I have reviewed hundreds of units to look at buying in City limits. Occupancy in Lawton has been a struggle throughout the city but I think it has gotten a little better this last year. According to multiple local real estate people, it was caused by overbuilding on Ft. Sill. If you can get the property for a low price, you can offset the occupancy issue and boost the effective cap rate. Margins are thinner so you need to be focused on being lean in operations. I'm currently considering buying some complexes in Lawton that are value add. I'm looking at properties where I can at value with some capex but also with changing up operations. Lawton has reputation of being rough. There is some new construction and growth with nice homes on the south west part of town. There are nice new home developments up by Fletcher and Elgin.

thanks  , looking into 2 or 3  single family homes ...3-1  ...great price  , but rents are about 700 /month   , according to realtor  , better side of town and i also have a friend that lives 15m  away  , i am gonna gamble and try and close on 2 homes  , thanks again for insight

@Richard Damian hey Richard how are you doing. I have a house there in Lawton I am trying to sale however a tenant just moved out and I am getting it ready to show if you’re interested please let me know I can get you in touch with my property manager to show you

Hi guys, Tommy Ray is bringing a team up that way today to do some Real Estate networking. Introduce people to each other, talk about the Lawton market, share perspectives, and see what is doable in terms of strategies, tactics in investing and vendor screening w/I Comanche county, Oklahoma. We can also talk lenders, rates, and ways to manipulate financing and equity to get more bang for your buck. Interested in coming out to play? This is happening today at noon at Lowe's on Cash. You can text Tommy 210-573-2538 The market is on an unsustainable run. This is the best time to organize, train, and equip a coalition of the willing to take action when the market melts down....

if the team is getting together tommorrow , let me know  ,  will be in Lawton on Saturday about noon time , would like to meet up   , will be in town until Monday  , thanks again

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Originally posted by @Richard Damian :

if the team is getting together tommorrow , let me know  ,  will be in Lawton on Saturday about noon time , would like to meet up   , will be in town until Monday  , thanks again

yes also meeting tomorrow, you can text Tommy at