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Hello, kind of new... My cousin is from Princeton nj. and said he got his property from craigslist. I was looking at a property in Trenton nj myself from question is..IS IT SAFE? anyone have experience with buying or lookin at properties through craigslist?  I saw a property with my cousin..we went driving to Trenton, and conditions were kinda bad..but the house was nice..and cheap with tenants already in it. found it through craigslist..  anyway to make the long story short I lost the deal because I was afraid to buy off of craiglist

Lots of scam artists operate on CL but it seems like as long as you go through a reputable title company should have nothing really to worry about.

@Fred Gonzalo ,

ANY one can post ANY thing on Craig's List, including other people's property (yes, it DOES happen).

Just ***-u-me that the property / seller is suspect and do more than due diligence, have a good title company, etc. as John P. suggested.

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I do deals all the time in Trenton, NJ.  We have purchased deals from craigslist.   The important thing is that you never give a deposit to someone you don't trust.  Give that deposit to the title company and let them hold it.   The scammers will just want a deposit in their personal name that you may never see again if the deal does not close.  

I strongly recommend the Trenton Market.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the market there.

Good Luck, 

Stephen Chatto

@Fred Gonzalo - I regularly search Craigslist for real estate deals.  You certainly need to be careful on Craigslist, due to the low barriers to entry- for sure people aren't always who they say they are.  But I enjoy talking directly with the sellers rather than working through the filters of a seller's agent, and Craigslist is one way to get that direct access.

Definitely recommend following all the regular advice about personal protection when meeting people off Craigslist, plus all the advice about identity protection, plus all the protections you put in place before buying a property.