Hi BPers.

I'm currently looking at a fix/flip condo project on a unit that has a wood burning fireplace. I'm curious what the community thinks, or has experience with, wood burning fireplaces and resale. Personally, it would not be a deal breaker for me if had/hadn't a wood burning fireplace - I'm quite neutral on this topic. I know there are people who would be turned away by it and others would be drawn to it. Being a condo, access to gas is going to be tough, so I would probably tear it out completely and install a electric linear fireplace instead if I decide it's going to hinder the sale.

The strata council is very proactive and takes good care of the building. I haven't read any of their minutes yet but the building was built in the 70s and has a lot of new upgrades to keep it in good shape. Part of the yearly maintenance is a thorough chimney sweep for all of the fireplaces.