Poconos, PA investment worthy?

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I was wondering what you guy though about the investment possibilities in the Poconos, Pa? I am from NYC  and unfortunately the market in New York isn't the most ideal for an initial investment venture. I would like to get some feed back and or personal experience regarding the topic!!! 

Welcome to the Bigger Pockets family.  The Pocono's has a wide range of investment types, buy and hold, flippers, short term renters, seasonal renters and long term renters.  Plenty of room in the pool for everyone.  Deepends on your investment goals and what part of the investment arena you are interested in.  You should explore the area(s) before you commit; the Pocono's are similiar to Long Island, very diverse, seasonal, commuters and natives.  Determine what you are attempting to accomplish and the funds you have available and start exploring.  Hope I've been of some help.  Good luck.

I think it depends on what type of deal you are getting. I know some investors in Poconos PA that have complained about a lack of appreciation due to the fact that they never built any type of train to NYC as Connecticut and NJ did. However, as mentioned in the above posts there is alot of opportunities depending on your specific situation and goals. I myself have looked and am still looking for something in the poconos.