How accurate is Zillow's mortgage estimator?

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Hey everyone, new to the real estate game here. I was wondering how most of y'all go about determining the mortgage, interest, taxes, and insurance payments on a house. Is the tool on zillow accurate? How do y'all go about getting an insurance estimate? Do you have agents on call that y'all use?
Just trying to evaluate different deals.


Getting a mortgage est is easy. all rates will be the same within a 1/4 point. So plug the amount into any calculator and you're good to go.

Taxes are almost as easy. Most cities will have a tax assessor site where you can see what the tax bill is for a property.

Insurance is harder but is normally based on the amount insured. So once you figure out what you're being charged per $ of value for your asset class then you can est pretty close without having to waste anyone's time with a quote.