Should I buy a townhouse?

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I have a townhouse under contract. The seller has told me that the neighbor is a hoarder. The hoarder's townhouse is connected to mine. They share a wall. I rode by the house today and his roof has a hole in it next to the roof next to my roof. His carport which is next to the driveway of the one I am buying has trash all over his carport and his yard looks terrible also. Do you think this will hurt me when I try to rent it? He is selling it to me about $15,000 below what they are selling for.

I definitely wouldn't do it unless you get well below market value. There's a hoarder in my SFR neighborhood where I reside in my primary residence and it definitely has a huge effect on the neighboring homes financially when they try to sell. It's an eye sore and the neighbors have said they have rodents and bugs because of it.

You do not want to buy next to a hoarder unless you intend to report the hoarder to building and health inspectors.

It could be a good investment if you can drive out the hoarder and purchase their unit as a reno.