Is this a good multiunit deal?

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Two  historic properties in one deal. Total 13 units. Close to a well known university. Some units are current vacant.

Total yearly rental income: 139,440 (if fully occupied)

Total expense $60,000 (including tax, insurance, estimated repair of $13,000, utilities)

PM fee 7%: $9,700

5% vacancy: $7,000

NOI: $63,000

Asking Price: $1,235,000

Owner claims the rent is below market value.

Should I pull the trigger?

without saying how you are financing... tough to really run #'s on that.  All sellers claim rents are below market...

I would assume your Mortgage is in that 60k? What about Capex? If they are "historic" you might have $$$ expenses for repairs and maintenance too...

I would not pay $1.235M for an $11.6k/month rent roll. Not going to comment on vacancies, repairs, etc as I don't know the property. We'll assume your numbers are solid. If you're financing the property, let's assume 20% down, 5% over 20 years, your mortgage would be $6.5K/month. With a NOI of 63k, your monthly cash flow is nearly -$1,300.