Properties at $100 or less.

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Hello, I've recently came across a property that was listed for 69k, in the price history it went from 149k in 2011 to $100 then relisted at 69k in 2017. I've been coming across history prices where buyers get the house at a low low low rate then turn around and resell at a higher rate. Most of the properties I come across are distressed. Does anyone know what type of listing or do they go through the county to get these prices? Here is the example of the price trend.

My guess that would be when the property foreclosure was completed and the deed was officially transfered to the bank.  They probably just list the transaction price at $100.

The $100 means that there was a quit claim deed. Either the bank or someone else has taken possession of the property. You can still contact who ever took possession to make a deal