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Can anyone tell me why a seller would be interested in owner financing and subject to?  Subject to seems odd because why would anyone want another person to take over their payments?  Why not just sell and be done with it?  Same with owner financing.  Why take payments over time when you can just sell and walk away with a check?

How would you even approach a potential seller to convince them either strategy was to their benefit?

What's up David W. when a seller is really up against it and they need to get away from the situation. Some sellers will give you there property. So, if you can put together a creative deal that will benefit the seller and allow them to walk away. Go for it! Have a conversation with the seller to see if this will benefit them. If it does, put everything you agreed to in your purchase agreement.

Check out Larry Harbolt or The Note Queen. I follow them and they both have some good info on creative financing.

Hope this helps!

God Bless