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I have a free real estate education website, called Value Hound Academy.  I have built up the following organically to a fairly large audience over the years.  We are having an education event coming up that for beginner investors and I want to advertise it to FaceBook and we have never paid for advertising before but keep hearing about FB advertising.  Anybody, have any tips on what the best way to do this is?  I know it's hard to just sell tickets so I was thinking about giving away some of the tons of articles, videos and such instead.  Anyone have any luck with FB sponsored ads?  What works...what doesn't?  Thanks!  

You can target people down to what types of Facebook groups they follow etc with paid ads. Depending on how much you want to spend and how much you really scope down will be how big your audience is.

I have done this before with products in the past.

There are a few good youtube videos.

I would also add the Facebook pixel to your site if you plan on doing this in the future and you can even market to people that might have stopped by your site in the past for cheap.

I would do a sponsored campaign targeting those who have expressed interest in Real Estate & live in your general vicinity.

I use FB ads for motivated sellers, and also advertising properties I have for sale. I love it for helping sell my properties because you can target the specific market and radius where the property is located, along with demographics that prequalify potential buyers.

Facebook ads are great, work very well, and simple to set up.  FB ads walks you through setting them up, and you can target specific audience. 

Example: once you enter a few you can click on suggestions. 

Demographics (Age range, cities & states by radius, renters or homeowners, income level, networth, liquid networth) 

Interests (Real Estate, Real Estate Investing, Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Agent, etc.)

Behaviors such as active investors, likely to move, etc.

Also can select targets you do not want ads to go to.  Example being, if I'm looking for motivated sellers, I don't want the ads to go to renters.

Also they have great tracking tools so you can have better idea of your results and the demographics of your results.