Pensacola Florida Lenders

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I am looking for a good lender in Pensacola Fl on investment properties. I would like: -15% down I am already in contract with a close date of Jan 12th and currently do not like the rates of any local lenders or banks I have found. I really need suggestions.

 Charterbank is a good local option.  I just refinanced a duplex with them and the rates were very good for investment property.  I think you’ll have to go 20% down with Charterbank though.   PM me for my contact there if you’d like. 

@Zach Falbo what rates are you being quoted. Here are the components of what will determine your final interest rate:

Down payment-15% - known
Credit Score-?
Type of property-SFD; condo; multi unit 1-4
Occupancy type - investment - known

For the most part lenders all get their money from the same place; so rates should not vary too much from one to another. If it varies, it usually is by a margin of 1/8th to 1/4 difference.

Don’t base your decision on just lowest rate. It’s important, but my recommendation is to find someone that’s competitive and will be a resource for you long term.

Good luck.