exterior walls bowed

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Not sure where to post this question but what does it mean when the exterior walls are bowed? Has anyone dealt with this? What could be the reason and what is the fix? The bank said there is a roof problem, not sure if that's related. We haven't seen the property yet but things are moving fast. Thanks!

@Von S. do you have acces to an engineer and a good framing carpenter? Until you get experienced enough to know what to do without asking here you are  best off bringing in some help.  

I had a wood frame house with bowed outer walls on two sides parallel to the joists.  The bow was 4 inches on each side. So a total of 8 inches.   The house was in danger of collapsing.  We fixed the bow in about half an hour.  We had a few experienced carpenters and I wouldn’t have known what to do without them.  

Thanks for the information, John. The danger of collapsing is what we're also finding from our google research. We don't have access to a carpenter unfortunately that we can run the estimate by. I'm wondering if we should hire one just to get his advice before putting in a bid. It's amazing you were able to do what sounds like a quick fix. I wish I had a good team in place too-- I've tried but it's been hard finding good consistent people who are available.