Response to yellow letter

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Hello, I am recently working on a yellow letter campaign. I am targeting an audience with 60-100% equity, absentee owner, and non trustee owned. My question is when I get a response to my yellow letter, how should I approach the return call? What type of questions do I ask? And what is the best way to make your offer without scaring them off? Thank you Jared

If I were you, when responding to a call, I would make it a mix of questions as well as informing them about you and your company/operation.  I would initially ask basic questions, you can ask as many or as few as you like, but take the cue from the person you are speaking with, some may want to spill information, and others may think you are invasive if you ask too much, seller intake is a balance of art and science.  After asking a few questions, give them your elevator speech about your company, this will help build some credibility. Do you live in the home (yes I know you are going for absentee owners, but sometimes lists are wrong, so always confirm the information), how long have you owned it, have you recently done any repairs?  Why are you looking to sell?  What is your time frame for selling?  Have you considered what you would do if the property did not sell? Are there others on the mortgage?  Any other decision makers? Age of all the houses systems (ie furnace, plumbing)?  Is this listed with a realtor? If yes, ask questions like, how long has it been listed, what price etc.  Are there any liens? back taxes?    After you are finished asking questions, you can ask them about doing a walk through of the property to get a better idea.  Once you walk the property, run all your numbers then you can make an offer.  Hope this helps!