Birmingham - looking to buy 4-10 unit apartment

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Looking in Avondale or Cahaba Heights or???   I'd love to meet any investors or fellow real estate people here!  

Hey Molly!

Those are two great areas here in town that are moving very quickly! It is tough to find available multi-family in Birmingham, especially in those parts. I would be happy to keep an eye out for you, and maybe send some other options your way! 

Feel free to reach out anytime and let me know how I can help!

I have a friend who bought an industrial-type building in Avondale and converted it into living space for his wife and himself. That is on the main Avondale "strip" though.

Within 0.2 mile there are many many houses, some of which may can be converted into a multifamily.

I know of no conventional multifamily construction in that area though that aren't brand new since the boom.

Hi Molly! I'm an investor and a Realtor. The first 13 years of my career I've been a CPA. I live in Birmingham (Hoover) AL and am also interested in investing in multifamily properties. Call me when you have a second so we can discuss further. I'd potentially be interested in partnering on a deal or two if our goals are aligned. Regardless, I can still help you with your search. I can't put my contact information on here (posting rules) so feel free to look me up on our website or look at my profile here on Bigger Pockets. Hope to talk to you soon!