Investor-Friendly Title Companies

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Hi guys! I'm in Salt Lake City Utah, and wanting to find a good Investor-friendly Title Company. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'd like one that does double escrow, wraps, and assignments. Thanks!

@Kolten Astle   

Title work is fairly well regulated - so the actual quality of job that any real title co does is going to be pretty much the same across the board.  The things that will vary are the hourly or escrow fees, and the response levels / customer service. 

i have not used Pinnacle, haven't heard anything either good or bad, but if they answer their phone and they are responsive, and they do what you're wanting, AND they are cool to work with, then it's a probably a good option.   

Tiffany at Backman Title is amazing! She and her team are very experienced in all aspects of escrow with a large book of business in commercial/investment transactions. Blair is spot on with his post. Backman is affordable and Tiffany's team is very responsive. Backman has offices all over the state too, making it easy to close anywhere.