Thinking about flipping a meth house.

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Hello everyone, There is a house I’m interested in flipping, and could get for dirt cheap. The problem is, is that it was a meth house. I’m wondering if anyone in the Utah area has ever flipped a meth house and knows the costs, and what I could expect. Or if I should just stay away entirely. The house is 1080 sqft and we are planning on getting it for around 50K.
It all depends.... if this house is in Utah in the the wasatch front $50,000 is an amazing price... from what I've heard meth removal/cleanup can be pricey but if the numbers make sense then go for it. Just be sure of the numbers before you pull the trigger and do exactly what your doing and find someone with experience with meth to help. Good luck!

I've done a couple of these.  50k might be a good price but really depends on what you will have to do to get the place clean.  You may end up having to tear the thing down to the studs and rebuild 80% of the place.  Tearing down hazmat is different than a regular demo job so depending on the county you may have some extra costs on that side as well.

Testing, clean up, and certifying costs can get really pricey really quick if you're going to do it the right way - but even after you've got it passed off by the health department, you will still have to disclose the history to renters of buyers.  Also the property will likely remain on the contaminated list for a very long time, if not forever.

Might be a great deal, might be a total loser - either way do you research before you jump into a meth house project.