Vacant land purchase ( land lock )

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I need answers ! We have agreed to pay $40,500 for a piece of property (vacant land to build our $300,000 dream home with . The land is located in med. priced country med. I mean $40,500 for 5.11 acres. That has no road access . Stated in our contract to the seller , rights to the driveway . Log cabin house built and has a family living there at front of property . Buying the second vacant lot $40,500 that is on the property and driveway . 3rd lot on the property and driveway 6.02 acres is currently for sale . Owners Of the vacant lots for sale live at the back of the property with 22 acres . They send us a driveway maintenance contract to sign that says we r to pay $25 a month driveway maintenance for a lifetime and $3,000 when we build our home due to maintenance of the driveway , when water is run and so forth . There is no road access to cut our own driveway . Realtor stated that the driveway was an easement ?? But the owner of the property is wanting to charge us these amounts of money . When dies it goes to his children how do I get the right or easement from the road to my house without feeding the seller money each month , realtor told my wife and I that he does the driveway himself .

If your parcel is landlocked you either need an easement, as suggested, or you need to buy a strip of land that gives you access through the first parcel. Perhaps your seller reserved an easement for his own access and is offering you to share it.

Either way, somebody needs to maintain the access road(s) and that will cost $.