Thoughts on deal I just acquired?

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Hi all, I currently acquired a manufactured home on its own lot for 157k using hard money, looking to put it on the market for 249k after its all done. Paid another 10k for lending fees and escrow fees, going to put 15-20k work along with 5-7k in labor. Along with paying about 7k in fees. Is there anything else that im missing or tips or advice you guys are willing to give? I’m in Oregon and am a licensed realtor and currently 19 so this is my first flip. Thank you all

Hey Benjamin,

I'm new to flipping as well and also looking to get my license (so I can't really give you any advice) but I was curious what benefits does the licence give you? 

Also is 249k what you want for it? or is that what you have determined its ARV is worth?